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Sunfishing in Bataan

 Hi Guys! I'm back again with a pink hair chalk on my hair! FYI putting it on was no joke! My hands turned pink right after! Hahaha!

Anyway, I think I mentioned it from my last post that I was in Bataan last week.
I came there with my Mom to visit my Grand Mother.

You see my mom grew up in Bataan where my Grand Father used to work. My Lolo was a retiree of Petron Refinery and he used to live and transfer houses inside Petron Housing.

Let me give you a quick tour of this 70s style village where we grew up.

Below is the photo of my Grand Parents' first house where I had my first birthday.
 I can't believe that it still looks the same 27 yrs ago.

The whole village is also actually a golf course. So you always have to watch out for flying golf balls. Haha!
 Besides the golf course, there's also a swimming pool, tennis court, clubhouse, gym, and a school.

Back when I was still a toddler, it also had a Bowling Alley where my Grand Mother and I used to play a lot. Well I'm usually her assistant who cleans her bowling balls and shout "STRIKE" for her.
*Sunglasses -Ferrin & Gruss
*Dangling Earrings - Forever 21
*White Bikini Top -Sunfish
*Sandals - Vaintage

Lastly, please do check out my friend's bikini shop!!!!!!
 I'm wearing her gorgeous white mesh swimwear!


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