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Impossible Is Nothing

To those who don't know "Impossible Is Nothing" is the tagline of Adidas vs. Nike's "Just Do It"
I figured I'll make it my title because obviously of this Adidas shirt.

Today's outfit inspiration came from this Instagram user Elly Wong
I saw her IG account just the other day and it was the first time I got too tired liking photos coz I seriously love all her posts lol! She's currently my favorite besides Kylie Jenner's IG haha!

Her style is extremely edgy and this outfit below was inspired by that.

When I saw her red plaid skirt, I'm like "Ohhhh I have that too and that slit!!!! haha!

Here's my take on this red plaid skirt + black sporty shirt style...

Yup I'm guilty!  I stole her style!

I can already submit this for "WHO WORE IT BETTER" Is it Nike or Adidas look?!
Well I love her Nike, I mean "Like- Don't Do It Shirt "though!!!! haha!

*Red Sunglasses - Sunnies Studios
*Silver Earcuff & Dangling Pair of Earrings - Stradivarius
*Adidas Shirt - Thrift Apparel Manila
*Red Skirt - Details (The Ramp)
*Leather Jacket - H&M
*Rings - Aldo
*White Loafers - Zara

ON LIPS: Mac Fixed On Drama

That's it for this look.
I hope this inspires you on what to wear next. :)
Bye for now... Gotta go back wait for my food...

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