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Hot Air Balloon Festival 2015 (Clark, Pampanga)

Sorry for the very late post but I think I also have to share my experience last Valentines day when my boyfriend and I decided to take a road trip to Clark Pampanga to visit the Hot Air Balloon Festival 2015.

The hot air balloons were scheduled to fly around 5:30am in the morning so we started our road trip from Manila to Clark at 2am! whew!

Well waking up that early was worth it after seeing this amazing view...

There were also Air Gliders! Wow I don't think I can do this!

 There were also a lot of airplanes on display! 
 My "FLY FACE" on!

*Blue Cap - Illest
*Sunglasses - Sunnies Studios
*Necklace - Forever 21
*Brown Boyfriend Blazer  & Gold Rings - Stradivarius
*Gray Dress - Bazaar Find
*Shoes - Nike Airmax "Gold Trophy" NIKE

So we ended up flying kites instead, since that's the only thing that we are capable of flying! lol ;)


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    1. Thanks Olivia! :) I hope you'll follow me too! :)