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 Check out the new Uniqlo Fleece Collection in stores now! Just right on time and perfect for our christmas weather!

 Turtle necks are also a trend now so better grab yours!

 I just love this whole camo layer up look!

 I love this turtle neck! Reminds me of Kim K!

This is my Uniqlo Style 

 Howdy! Today, I wanted to look simple yet sophisticated but still trendy so I opted to wear my skinny jeans with my lace up blouse and add brown suede coat to give more accent to my whole look.
BLOUSE: Thrifted
PANTS & HEELS: Forever 21
 My chain heels from Forever 21
This white blouse was actually thrifted and I just made the lace up style since the blouse has little holes on both sides.  
 I thought the red scarf is a nice accessory too...


These photos were taken last weekend at this literally hole in the wall burger joint along Jupiter street in Makati called Lazy Bastard.

I've been wanting to try their sloppy joe but the place was jam packed that night so I opted to do my OOTD shoot outside of the restaurant.

This Mais Quelque polo shirt that I made into a dress was just thrifted. I think I only bought it for only P50 in Makati Cinema Square days that I needed a lot of clothes for my stylist gig.

 As I've said I only bought this shirt in thrift shop so I had no idea what this french saying means. Someone told me though that its weirdly written.

I'm wearing my Wet N Wild dark glam lipstick which completes my whole goth look.
My cuff earrings is from Stradivarius and silver choker necklace from H&M.
My Hat is from Forever 21 as well as my silver bracelet.
Adidas duo! 
This is me and my talented photographer who happened to be my brother both wearing Adidas superstars.

You might be wondering about my shoes well these are the limited edition Starwars Storm Trooper superstar that was only released for kids size and thank goodness it fits me perfectly!

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Warning! Photo overload!


Photos from Vogue, Harper, W Magazine, NYTimes, PopSugar,, & gettyimages.