I'm wearing a lot of dark clothes recently... I know its already summer here but I noticed I have a lot of dark red and black clothes that I have not worn for the longest time!

So expect me to post another black outfit tomorrow. Haha!
I think I'll start my summer at the end of April...

By the way! My title is Blood Moon since I had no idea that that's today and its just a coinsidence that I'm wearing something in dark bloody shade.

*Sunglasses - Ferrin+Gruss
*Plaid Top, Origami Skirt, Boots - all from ZARA

Happy April Fools! 
I'm wearing all black today feeling extremely fierce with this fur boots, long coat, and fringe ensemble.

You can tell the sun was on its prime when we took these photos hence my uber white complexion.

We were in Alabang area a while ago and I had a short meeting for my future businesses I'm cooking up.

You see  I used to work in a media agency and I bravely quit my job last month to start fixing my life and get into the things I really want.
Yes I'm currently a bum now but! I'm a busy bum! Haha!

I'm planning a lot of things now and doing it one step at a time. 

So I say "Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway..." - from Earl Nightingale

*Sunglasses - Aldo Accessories
*Earrings - Forever 21
*Bracelets - Stradivarius
*Black Coat, Fringe Top/Dress, & Shoes - Zara
*Bag - Chanel


"Its never too late to start over.  If you weren't happy with yesterday, try something different today! Don't stay stick! Do Better"

 My family and I went to this weekend event called BlockParty in Ayala Alabang Village (Makiling Park).

The event focused on Art, Food, & Music. It started last March 28 until March 29.

At the entrance, you'll instantly feel the picnic vibe with lots of children playing in the area.

There were also a lot of tents selling different variety of cool artsy fartsy things!
Let me show you...

So here I was at this art wall corner with a lot of modern art on display...

Here are my favorite pieces...

There was also this cute colourful teepee corner...

and more ART for SALE!!!!!!!!!

Some vintage records too!

and cute tiny plants for sale too!

Oh look at these.... We love their summer hippie hats and bags!
and they also have this vintage bike on display... I had no idea if it was on sale or not.. :(

and lastly, I saw my blonde kids roaming around haha! just kidding!

OH!!!! For the outfit, click on my Lookbook for more details:

I posted this look in my Lookbook & Instagram 4 days ago... 
I wasn't able to post it on time since the photos were in a low resolution and I only have few good shots.

I posted it anyways and added some side frames to make it more fun haha!

My outfit here is actually perfect for that cold weather in the office since lets face it, its really hot outside. 

I paired my long blue sweater with my pleated skirt with the exact colorshade. I know its too matchy- matchy but I wanted to have that illusion that i'm wearing a sweater "dress" and not really a top.  I wanted the long gold zipper on my sweater to bee seen because it gives a perfect accent contrary to that all blue color.

*Blue Cap - Illest
*Sweater - Zara
*Pleated Skirt - Bazaar Find (Landmark)
*Sneakers - Nike Internationalist (in silver) 

Hello there guys! Today,  I'm in my very casual yet sexy look in a minimalist combo.
I'm wearing a plain crop top from Topshop and this cool tie around skirt from Zara.

 I used my Mom's old blue scarf as a headband to add more accent to my look since the colors are too plain and it needs to pop up by adding a big accessory that blends with the colors I'm wearing... 

 I love this all white wedge sneakers from Nike! My boyfriend got me this last christmas. He thought since I'm a petite woman, this would help me look taller yet still look dope in a very comfortable way. Agree? lol
*Scarf - My Mom's (vintage)
*Silver Rings & Silver Necklace - H&M
*White Crop Top - Topshop
*Grey Skirt - Zara
*White Sneakers - Nike (Nike SkyHi Crocodile Leatherette details)

Today I had a date with my boyfriend before he leaves for Japan. 
He really laughed hard coz I'm trying to look like a Japanese Girl. Haha! 

Since we're only going to have dinner and a movie date, I went very casual and worn comfy long sleeves, denim shorts, and just added this paisley headband to have that hint of kawaii style.

*Paisley Headband - Forever 21
*Come With Us Grazie - Zara
*Denim Shorts - Cotton On
*Sunglasses - Sunnies Studios
*Neoprene Bag - Triangl swimwear
*White Wedges - WedgesShoes Shop