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Seriously! This is theeeeee best ice cream by far! My heart and soul melted the other day during our quick ice cream dessert at Farmacy (Fort BGC). 

I ordered for cookie dough with waffle flakes on top! OMG! I died!
You have to try this place!

My brother ordered for Hazelnut and it was also heaven! haha!

 So for my outfit today, I went on a denim on denim style similar to Kim K & Kylie Jenner street style paparazzi shots a few months ago. haha!

Yup I stole their style and added a chic scarf for that perfect ensemble.

Sunglasses - Aldo (Aldo Accessories)
Scarf - (My mom owns this, no idea where she bought it- No Tag/Label)
Denim Top - GAP
Denim Skirt - Levi's
Blue Black Lace Up Heels - Zara

So I spotted this awesome mural beside Hungry Hound restaurant in Fort BGC.
I thought the color blends well with my outfit and so this OOTD shot strikes again. Hahaha!

*Blouse, Skirt, Boots, & Bag - ZARA
*Necklace/ Choker & Bracelets - Stradivarius

    I was wearing my business fashionista outfit while strolling around BGC looking for work. Well I'd  say you have to be in style in order to be hired. Right?

I was also brave enough to apply still sporting my blonde hair. I know theres a saying blondes are dumb and it doesn't look professional but I want to prove you wrong. 
In order for a person to succeed in life, he/she should be comfortable in how they want to look on the outside as long as they look decent and do their job well.

So its not about the color of your hair, its about how you deal with business and earn relationships.
Did you know that I met a lot of influential people thanks to my blonde hair? 

Today, I went around BGC for a lot of quick errands so I decided to wear something very comfortable where I can easily walk from one street to another.
Shirt+ Leggings+Roshe = Looks like I'm off for a jog (which I am since I did a lot of breeze walking today coz of the errands I did)

But add a Blazer+Big Necklace= Now I look like a streetstyle chic 

*Necklace, & Shirt - Forever 21
*Blazer - Stradivarius
*Leggings - Zara
*Sneakers - Nike Roshe Runs 

I was at the BGC Fort with my family when we suddenly saw this cute and most intricate graffiti located outside of ROX shop.

The kid in this wall art seems to be looking pale and we have the same hair color and almost the same height haha!

 I feel so tired today and was not in the mood for glam so I ended up wearing something very simple & at my most casual outfit.

*Necklace - ZARA
*White Shirt & Pants- Stradivarius
*Green Jacket - Thrift
*Sneakers- Adidas Originals Rod Laver

What's up? I'm in my tomboy #cooldude outfit today. Haha! Its been a while since I last worn my black jacket since Philippines is just tooooooo HOT!

Thank goodness for air conditioners! I stayed cool all throughout this summer.

What I'm wearing today:
*Black Leather Jacket - H&M
*Silver Necklace - Forever 21
*Shirt & Mustard Trousers- Bershka
*Black Bag & White Loafers - Zara

Old school trip!
Fun times with my fashionable squad with Zyllah & Mark.

All photos by Niko Oredina

I had a spontaneous shoot with my stylist friend Mark after our sideline styling jobs.
We thought of doing a short photoshoot for our own ootd instead of completing our portfolios.
Oh well we had fun and as per our photographer Mr. Niko Oredina he said it was too dope! lol

Oh we feel so cool / you can't sit with us pose! :)
Here goes my late Wonderland 2015 post! 
Wanderland is a whole day outdoor concert event that usually happens every April here in the Philippines. It's like a mini Coachella in Manila thus explains my hipster outfit, the teepee behind me, & this maracas haha!

I went with my friend Sab (oh visit here IG she sells custom shoes! ZoieShoeBar

 The Main stage! Thankfully I was able to catch Youngblood Hawke as soon as we entered the vicinity! Woooohooo!

Other bands that was really awesome that night and caught my heart and soul hahahaha!:
1. RAC (just the best set I've ever heard so far! THE BEST!!!! I love them! lol)
2. Lewis Watson (this guy killed it!)
3. Sinyma (local indie band)
4. Kid Cudi (main act, so so... he'll be  5th on my list out of all the bands that night)

 Globe's huge booth
Inside the Globe area

 and then caught roaming around the Topshop booth...

Went chillin at the hammocks!!! woohoo! My favorite place! 

Then off to some OOTD shots:
You might not know, but I took pattern making 5 years ago. I'm still bad at sewing but I'm trying so hard!!!! and so the day before this event, I decided to make my own hipster outfit just for Wanderland and here goes the outfit I designed and sewed...
I used a mesh cloth and just glued the floral laces that covers my boobies and sewed and cut the sides of the flowy top.

I then sewed these flare pants and also made this indie arm band.

I'm not a professional yet but  I'm planning to launch my own clothing line soon...
Dancing Mode* haha!

 Sab and I sitting pretty while I attempted to roll over the grass hills.
 We also tried playing a few games around...
Yup I think that sums up my Wanderland 2015 experience! :)