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 Check out the new Uniqlo Fleece Collection in stores now! Just right on time and perfect for our christmas weather!

 Turtle necks are also a trend now so better grab yours!

 I just love this whole camo layer up look!

 I love this turtle neck! Reminds me of Kim K!

This is my Uniqlo Style 

 Howdy! Today, I wanted to look simple yet sophisticated but still trendy so I opted to wear my skinny jeans with my lace up blouse and add brown suede coat to give more accent to my whole look.
BLOUSE: Thrifted
PANTS & HEELS: Forever 21
 My chain heels from Forever 21
This white blouse was actually thrifted and I just made the lace up style since the blouse has little holes on both sides.  
 I thought the red scarf is a nice accessory too...