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#BlockPartyPH (Art*Food*Music)

 My family and I went to this weekend event called BlockParty in Ayala Alabang Village (Makiling Park).

The event focused on Art, Food, & Music. It started last March 28 until March 29.

At the entrance, you'll instantly feel the picnic vibe with lots of children playing in the area.

There were also a lot of tents selling different variety of cool artsy fartsy things!
Let me show you...

So here I was at this art wall corner with a lot of modern art on display...

Here are my favorite pieces...

There was also this cute colourful teepee corner...

and more ART for SALE!!!!!!!!!

Some vintage records too!

and cute tiny plants for sale too!

Oh look at these.... We love their summer hippie hats and bags!
and they also have this vintage bike on display... I had no idea if it was on sale or not.. :(

and lastly, I saw my blonde kids roaming around haha! just kidding!

OH!!!! For the outfit, click on my Lookbook for more details:


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