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Trend Report 2015 : Neck Scarf Trend

I've been noticing this trend lately in 2015 street style photos. I think putting a scarf around your neck makes your simple outfit look more fashionable & sophisticated.

Paisley Scarves
Get those old paisley scarves of yours and wrap it around your neck & top it on your simple/basic outfits.
Who said rappers are the only ones who uses a paisley scarf?

Scarves & Dresses
Feeling girly? Then try out your sweet scarf with your dress.

Scarves in Winter
Yes you can still wear that scarf on top of your turtle neck & jackets.

Other Ways
So here are a lot of different ways and styles you can do with your scarf.

I'm sure you or your mom has a lot of scarves just sleeping inside your cabinets.
Go bring it all up and try this new trend and make it modern. 


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