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I'm now a Stylist!

Hi Guys! If you know me, you know that fashion has always been my passion.
It has been my hobby for years and sadly it was never a profession. Why?

Well, after I graduated from high-school I was actually eager to study fashion but a lot were saying that there's no money in fashion especially in our country since in those years, fashion industry was not yet on its prime. Forever 21, H&M, and other global high-street brands were not yet visible in our country and Philippine Fashion Week is not yet a big event.

That's the reason why I opted for my 2nd option which was Advertising. I graduated having a bachelors degree in communication, major in advertising in year 2009. My first job was in media and stayed in that industry for 5 years.

Last Feb 2015, I bravely resigned from my job as a Senior Client Service Executive in one of the top media agencies in the country to get into the industry that I've been wanting which was Fashion.

Now I'm working on my career as a freelance Fashion Stylist, at the same time I'm also working on 2 projects connected to fashion, and lastly I'm also currently looking for a job in the fashion industry where I can also execute my experience in media/advertising.

To be honest, I'm having a difficult time finding a job in fashion especially that I don't have any experience and I just rely on my own taste.

Though I do believe that "you can easily train someone but passion cannot be taught" that's just coming from my own opinion.

Anyway, I just want to share with you my style portfolio below and I wish you can refer me to your friends and family. I'm also open to do an exdeal depending on the scope of the project.

and here is my FB stylist fan page below, I hope you can click LIKE! :)

Thank you so much and I'm really hoping for your kind support.

Mwah!!!! <3 p="">