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So I spotted this awesome mural beside Hungry Hound restaurant in Fort BGC.
I thought the color blends well with my outfit and so this OOTD shot strikes again. Hahaha!

*Blouse, Skirt, Boots, & Bag - ZARA
*Necklace/ Choker & Bracelets - Stradivarius

    I was wearing my business fashionista outfit while strolling around BGC looking for work. Well I'd  say you have to be in style in order to be hired. Right?

I was also brave enough to apply still sporting my blonde hair. I know theres a saying blondes are dumb and it doesn't look professional but I want to prove you wrong. 
In order for a person to succeed in life, he/she should be comfortable in how they want to look on the outside as long as they look decent and do their job well.

So its not about the color of your hair, its about how you deal with business and earn relationships.
Did you know that I met a lot of influential people thanks to my blonde hair? 


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