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Denim On Denim


Seriously! This is theeeeee best ice cream by far! My heart and soul melted the other day during our quick ice cream dessert at Farmacy (Fort BGC). 

I ordered for cookie dough with waffle flakes on top! OMG! I died!
You have to try this place!

My brother ordered for Hazelnut and it was also heaven! haha!

 So for my outfit today, I went on a denim on denim style similar to Kim K & Kylie Jenner street style paparazzi shots a few months ago. haha!

Yup I stole their style and added a chic scarf for that perfect ensemble.

Sunglasses - Aldo (Aldo Accessories)
Scarf - (My mom owns this, no idea where she bought it- No Tag/Label)
Denim Top - GAP
Denim Skirt - Levi's
Blue Black Lace Up Heels - Zara


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