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Pool Deck

As mentioned from my previous posts, I spent my New Year's Eve at Acacia Hotel.
During our stay, we were able to squeeze in some time to swim in their pool & jacuzzi.

I was actually impressed of the pool area's interior! It was actually only located at the 3rd level but the view still seems like you're on top of the world Muntinlupa. Haha!

So here I am at the pool side wearing:
*Cover Up - Desino Dulce (IG Account: desinodulceapparel)
*Caribbean Mist Mesh Bikini - NeoprenePH (IG Account: neoprene_ph)
*Pouch Bag - Cotton On
*Sunglasses - Ferrin and Gruss (IG Account: ferrinandgruss)


Here's the photo of the pool at night:

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  1. One of the most disappointing factor when acrylic lace texture is applied over kool deck is that the surface may not be as long lasting as a fresh installation over concrete would be. acrylic lace