Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fashion Week: Sassa Jimenez

Sneak Preview of Sassa's Collection PFW Holiday 2011.
We got there at a very late hour which brought us way back of the row. At least we still got to see the show! :)
Anyway, her collection is very soft, chic, & vibrant. She made use of pinks, yellows, & blues which made the show very fresh!
To sum it off, Congrats Sass! :) Another one awesome job as always! :)

Sneak Preview of the Sassa's collection:

Before I end, I have a short story about Sass. Well she's actually my classmate back in high school (Virtual Arts Class) and back then during our homeroom class we did an activity where our adviser gave us a sheet of paper and the objective is to illustrate your life on the year 2015. Guide questions were: Where will you be 10 years from now? Who do I imagine myself to be in 2015? and what will I be doing in that time?
Here's what she did:

And just about few years after, she's already a fashion designer.

You want to see what I did?
Here it is:
Yes, all about fashion! me being a fashionista not just a designer... Well I think I'm still working on my dream one step at a time... :)


  1. aha! you have a blog! :)) i miss you kash.


    how i wish i could make a blog and keep it atleast a year... lol ...

    remember LAST year's fashion show of sass? you were with meeeeee <3 love you! mwa! keep up the good work with this blog!

    and YOU WILL BE a fashion designer some day! .. i trust you to design my wedding gown! :))

  2. Correct! hahaha! I will be soon! but i want RTW but if you want gown ill make the sexy ones! hahaha! Love you! :)

  3. Sakin lang ba yung design na yun? hahaha... i want flower girls based on disney princess pwede ba yun? hahaha .. love you miss you too!

    btw here are the blogs you should check out! (from CSA batch '08) -(step pinsan ni oliver)

    few fashion blogs to start with and it will REALLY inspire you! :)